Saturday, February 27, 2010

Model City Sexy as HELL!!

“Who wants to rub baby oil on the models?”

This question sparked our attention during Honey’s cover shoot with the all-male cast of CENTRIC’s new reality series (a new network launched by BET) “Model City” on February 18th. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! Still, we weren’t sure it was female attention the bevy of buff, shirt-less men from Red Models NYC were craving. Well, stereotypes be dammed — it turns out most of the guys are boo’d up (with women!).

As the shoot got underway, we were a little salty for being kept waiting for over an hour as each model arrived individually from fashion week fittings, but our grudge wore off as soon as the shirts came off. Sans clothes, the posing pros seduced the camera and spilled the details about their new show, which follows around a diverse group of male models busy navigating their way through a white-washed industry.

Not since Tyson Beckford has the fashion set seen a black male super-model but the Model City cast is on a mission to change all that. With a fresh crop of talented up-and-comers, it’s only a matter of time before one of the men fill Beckford’s designer shoes. So who’s got next? We cozied up with the Eye Candy to find out if they’re more than just pretty faces.

Henry Watkins – The Baby,

Fresh-faced and seriously this 19-year-old Philly-native is poised to take the modeling world by storm. Like any good mannequin, Wakins is body-conscious. Once he heard the shoot was shirtless, he skipped the crispy chicken fingers in favor of the more model-friendly celery sticks. His recent Benetton Undercolors Spring/Summer 2010 campaign is proof that the youngin’ of the bunch (his baby face reminded us of Chris Brown) has benefited from the wise advice of close pal, fellow cast mate, and mentor, Ibrahim Baaith.

Ibrahim Baaith – The Artist
Anyone who immediately rips their shirt off and breaks into a set of handstand-style push-ups, has been around the block, er…runway. While he and Wendell Lissimore are considered the Varsity Squad of the bunch, don’t expect any team camaraderie. Their distaste for each other gets aired out on the show. But Baaith does more than just stand there and look pretty. As a live artist (
Honey crushed on him way back in July ’09), Baaith considers himself more of a, “Conspiracy Theorist than a model, which is reflected in my art.”

Wendell Lissimore – The Vet
Born in Utah, Lissimore’s resume includes the most recognized names of the fashion-world elite. Not only has he stomped down every catwalk from New York to Milan, he also dates Dominican-Portuguese stunner Sessilee Lopez, whom he texted throughout the day. Lissimore was glowing from a recent sexy, tropical photo shoot with his model mate. Some guys have all the luck.

Salieu Jalloh – The Rebel
Born in Sierra Leone, Jalloh has certainty mastered the whole brooding and intense look. On set, he wasn’t exactly friendly, preferring to listen to his iPod and eat his sandwich solo rather than join the crowd. But, once we glanced at his pictures, we realized why he gets a way with being a man of few words.

Nelson Nieves – The Party Boy
It was unanimous. When asked who’s most likely to be caught screaming, “Shots! Shots! Shots!” everyone pointed to Nieves. He even met his girlfriend while clubbing at a New York hotspot. The tatted Bronx-native lived up to his life-of-the-party image as he bust-out dance moves in between takes on set and did his best Usher impression.

After spending a full day in Model City, any previous Zoolander-ish misconceptions the term “male model” may have conjured up, disappeared. Sure, it might seem odd to meet a man with a 24-inch-waist that gets plucked and preens all day, but once they step out of the camera’s view, they act just like the average Joe (with an exceptional six-pack).

Photography by Kevin Amato

Designed by Mike DiGiacomo

Styling by Jason Rembert


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