Friday, March 19, 2010

T.I. & Tiny Finally Tying The Knot!

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and her honey Tip are finally meeting each other down the ailse this year. Tiny recently caught up with Vibe magazine to discuss her wedding arrangements for 2010. She tells Vibe that they will only be expecting around 200 guests and it will be a very small, private wedding for the two. She has fallen in love all over again and they are living happily not worried about anybody else’s opinion. Now what you know about that?


On folks constantly criticizing her for waiting so long to get a wedding:

“I don’t really worry about what people say about what’s taking so long. Like, it ain’t none of your business what’s taking so long,” said Tiny of the engagement. “If we happy, why are you so concerned? We living, we’re happy, we’re in love. I mean, it’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t love every piece of me and vice versa so we’re just doing what’s comfortable and what works for us. Tiny and T.I. Not for the world. When we get ready to make a move, we will make it. We just can’t do it for everybody.”

On rumors of a summer wedding:

“There are wedding plans coming soon, sometime this year,” said Tiny, adding that there’s no rush and that she wants it to be a small affair with about 200 guests. “Not too big ’cause I want it to be as private as possible. There’ve been a million rumors about us getting married. It’s taking away from the day that we really do get married so I just want to kind of have that moment for myself.”

On rekindling the romance once T.I. was released from prison this past December:

“It was crazy. I seen him every week,” said Tiny over the phone from Atlanta. “We just picked up where we left off and we just, you know, I’m just in love all over again.”

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