Friday, April 2, 2010

Parents Are Angry At Erykah For Stripping In Front Of Their Kids...

ia Fox News:

“If she wants to make art or wants to make a statement, let her make a statement but do it tastefully. Don’t do it while my child is standing there watching you get butt naked. – Child’s mother who witnessed E. Badu Take Her Clothes Off the day she filmed the video

“She goes completely butt naked in front of young children. You can’t even walk down the street anymore without having your nine year old observe someone’s nude body. And going back to where the President was assassinated, I think it’s truly obscene. -Legal Analyst

“More importantly, you can hold this woman into account at the cash register by not buying this release and not supporting this kind of behavior. I’m no prude but when you involve children like this, you cross the line – Show Anchor”

Somewhere in America, Lady Gaga is wishing she had thought of this first in the name of art…

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