Saturday, June 19, 2010

From The Mind Of A Dummie

Whats Readers, This Is Darryl aka Dummie And I wrote A Poem That I Really Want The World To Hear. It Is Called Love Of My Life And I Really hope You Guys like It Leave A Comment Telling Me How You Feel About It. Plus Let Me Know if This Is Some I Should Do More Often. and By Do I Mean Do A Personal Post . Peace Love And Music ~Love Dummie~

I Think I Was Five Years Old When I Meet Her. Just The Way She Moved Through My Body Made Me Feel Warm. She Was So Damn Deep, Deeper Than Anyone Else. She Really Didn’t Give a Fuck about Treads Because She Started Her Own and I followed her like a Love Stroke Puppy not letting her out Of My Sight. That just how strong my feelings were for her!

But As I Grow Up she seem to become a hoe because everyone everywhere was doing her in the Basements, at Parks, Classrooms, Public Bathrooms Treating her like she was trash But I Treated Her so Much Better Just The Way She Came In My mouth And I Would Spit Her Out In A way That Can Be Looked At As Art. The Way My Heart Would Beat like Hers proved to me that she was in my blood, and how no one could ever take her place.

I fell in love with her before I even know what love was. I made sure that she was everywhere I would go, I slept with her, bath with her, ate with her. I made her a part of my everyday life. I would never let someone talk down on here or abuse her like she was before me. And as I grow older she went underground leaving me here feeling lost without her words and as I got older she slowly would came back into my life she is like my cancer the way she comes, she comes so slowly but so damn strong and I will never forget the day she came back to me I was in my room and I looked outside and heard her voice and that’s how I know she was back , back to change my world back to go through my blood. She back in life but now she is so much deeper she speaks to me when no one else is listening. I feel her like I never felt a soul before. It’s like when she is around I’m held hostage in her captivity, the words she speak feel like a knife piercing my heart. That’s just how deep she is to me. She is the love of my life, the beat to my heart, my best friend, my soul mate, my diary, my nightmare, my daydreams. She is and forever will be my life. It’s been fifteen years since she been in my life and now I’m not letting her leave. She Is HIP-HOP

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