Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Kanye making a new album? Yes he is

The world was a darker place when Kanye West suddenly pulled out of the spotlight following last year’s MTV Music Awards debacle. His return so far has been baby steps: This past January, he announced that he was “back in the studio making new music,” and only a month later, he brushed off the Auto-Tune for “We Are The World 2010″ — which kinda paled in comparison to the YouTube Stars version of the song. But whatever.

The point is Kanye is making progress. There are now names attached to his new album and it also has a working title: Good Ass Job. (Also known as the Best Ass Album Title.) Several reports have suggested that New York producers Pete Rock, RZA, and Q-Tip have all made the trip to Hawaii, where the album is being recorded, and the loose-lipped participants themselves have inadvertently confirmed it.

Loud Records A&R exec Schott Free posted a public note to Pete Rock on his Twitter saying, “Enjoy Hawaii, I’m sure you and Kanye’ are killing it,” and Pete Rock obliviously responded with a public tweet saying, “Pls dont mention that on here scott, its all goody but i gotta keep a closed lid on it.” Yep, no big deal. It’s just between us and our 8,500 combined followers.

Other confirmed contributors include Chicago hip-hop stalwart (and “Death of Auto-Tune” producer) No I.D., as well as a turn from the ubiquitous Soulja Boy Tell Em — who, in between making a new album of his own, was most recently seen running from the police.

Good As Job Is to Dope This Month!

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