Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady Gaga "I Have One Of The Greatest Voices In The Industry"

It seems that success finally gone to Lady GaGa’s head. In her recent interview with Vogue magazine, the singer boldly declared that she has “one of the greatest voices in the industry” and that she is “one of the greatest songwriters” in the game today.

However, GaGa didn’t stop there. While continuing to boast about her own talents, she went even further by slamming her fellow performers who choose to lip-sync on stage. Look below for all the details:

“Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer,” the singer tells the March issue of Vogue magazine. “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do.”

“It’s so funny when people say, ‘It’s amazing to see how hard you work.’ We’re supposed to work hard!” she says. “I have the world at my fingertips. I am not going to saunter around the stage doing pelvic thrusts and lip-synching. That’s not at all why I am in this.”

“Nothing has changed since I have become a star,” she says. “I am a real family girl. When it comes to love and loyalty, I am very old-fashioned. And I am quite down-to-earth for such an eccentric person.”

There are several vocalists in the game today – Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson and Jill Scott – who could easily outsing GaGa on any stage (even on their worst days). Furthermore, given the tendency of her lyrics to be perceived as shallow and sometimes quite confusing, her songwriting skills are hardly poetic – “walk, walk fashion baby. Work it, move that bitch c-razy”.

~Love, Kid Martian~

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