Friday, May 13, 2011

Beyonce Delays Release Of ‘Run The World (Girls)’ Video

In a less than fortunate twist of events, the long awaited visual for Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ video has been delayed. This comes just one day after it was announced the clip would premiere tomorrow (Friday 13th).

Find out what the hold up is after the jump…

“OK, bad news: ‘Run The World(Girls) won’t be out on Fri like we thought. No new date yet, Beyonce is perfecting it‘ was the official statement regarding the delay posted by VEVO less than an hour ago. This comes after the revitalization of interest in the visual and the song itself which was brought on by the release of a third trailer yesterday.

Whilst the Houston native’s departure from Mathew Knowles and his team was heralded as being a brave and necessary career move, there is no denying that the organization exhibited in previous promotional campaigns headed by Papa Knowles is not apparent now the 29 year old is managing herself.

One cannot help but to think of Lady GaGa, who has g the most out of fans by sticking to release dates and delivering on time.

Either way, Beyonce is the budding icon she is today for a reason. Though the promotion surrounding the ‘Run The World’ video has not been her most impressive, her talent and business acumen put her ten feet above the rest even when she is not trying.

Your thoughts?

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