Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 10 Songs Of the Year

In a year of speaker blasters, flops, sex saleing, and overly catchy songs I have taken hour to come up with the master list of some of the best songs of this year. This list are not based off of "Sales" or "Popularity" this list is based on how "AMAZINGLY" a song was written, recorded, Performed,

10: Cee-Lo Green "Fool For You" ft. Melanie Fiona

This year artist seems to have been inspired by old school music from the 90's, 80's and even the 70's. This year Cee-Lo Green was ahead of the pack with "Fool For You" which has the 80's earth wind and fire vibe to it check it out below:

9: Marsha Ambrosius "Far Away"

Music is supposed to bring emotions, speak of social issues, and make you think about life. Marsha Ambrosius formally form UK soul group Floetry came this year with an amazing song "Far Away" and an more amazing video to the song. check out this beautiful song below:


8: Miguel "Sure Thing"
Another on of the old school 90's type of songs. Miguel released an amazing written first album with "All I Want Is You" and "Sure Thing" just shows what he is capable of producing as he career grows check it out below:

7: Keri Hilson "All The Boys"

"Say You Love Me Love Me Love Me" One of the most slept on artist of today's music is Keri Hilson even with one of year biggest urban songs "Pretty Girl Rock" which many thought had Grammy written all over it she's is still under the radar. "All The Boys" written by none other then John Legend Himself. The song goes through all of the boys she has had in her life. check it out below:

6: Estelle "Thank You"

When I first heard this song I thought it was demo for Mary J Blige album because it had such Mary Vibe, Estelle has been all over the place as far as her US career from Dance, to rap, so soul, and from the way it looks her soul music seems to be getting more of positive reaction from music lovers. Check Out "Thank You" below:

5: Jhene Aiko "My Mine"

New comer Jhene (Announced Janae) hit the internet with an indie album titled "Sailing Soul(s)" her voice is soft and sweet like cotton candy, but the plus is your get a cavity check Jhene out below:

4: Emily King "Georgia"

More soul then some of the so-called soul artist in the world/ Emily King released an seven song ep title "SEVEN" this ep gave us nothing but seven amazing song that feeds the soul, and spirt. "Georgia" happens to be one of the songs!

3: The Roots "Make My"

It's the Freaking Roots, they always seem to release movies for the ears and "Make My" is nothing short of that the last 2 minutes of this song will make your skin tingle as the pure instrumentals played. it's the last 2 minutes of the song that placed it at number 3 on the list check it out below:

2:Jill Scott "Hear My Call"

A Plea to GOD asking for guidance is what Jilly From Philly is doing on the number 2 song of the year "Hear My Call" with with just her powerful vocals and a Piano background. this song is simply beautiful. check it out below:

1: King - "Hey"

Erykah Badu went on a twitter rampage about these loving girls and how much of fresh air they were to music, Erykah loved "King" so much she even took them on tour with here on the "Out MY Mind, Just In Time Tour" Hey is the last song from their 3 some ep that has everyone falling in love. with that being said check out "Hey Below!"

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