Saturday, July 10, 2010

Does Beyonce Really Write Her Own Music???

For all her success, Beyonce has found herself subject to increasing murmurings surrounding her song-writing (or lack-thereof ). In a recent interview with our friends over at Bossip, ‘Diva’ producer Bangladesh was grilled on whether the ‘Single Ladies’ singer actually writes the songs she receives writing credits for.

I’ll put it like this: it doesn’t matter who is writing or producing the songs. Who is delivering them, is what matters. It doesn’t matter if Beyonce is there physically writing the song. I mean even if she’s not, it doesn’t mean that she can’t. It might be a case of her not having time or whatever.

People from the outside looking in want to know whether or not she writes her own songs, she’s on a level where things are handed to her…people want to be a part of what she’s doing. She either wrote it or can put her name on it….because that’s the boss she is.

If ever there was a case of pouring fuel on the fire! Certainly no need for outright confirmation after that…LOL! That said, his response, while funny, is hardly surprising.

Folk get so invested in the surface side of the industry that they oft forget that the music industry is very much a business. Perhaps not the typical 9-5, but a business nonetheless. As cut-throat as it sounds, alot of this ‘does she/doesn’t she’ drama boils down to money; for it’s highly doubtful Ms. Knowles-Carter would be topping Forbes fortune lists and whatnot, had her name not been credited as a writer – regardless of whether she wrote on the songs or not. Whether this is a good or bad thing boils down to one’s own moral standing. However, I urge folk to ask themselves if they would do the same if in Bouncy’s position.

In any case, Papa Knowles made sure Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s pockets were (and continue to be) well taken care of. Indeed, anyone who knows the music biz knows that most of the $$$ an artist will make comes from publishing/writing credits, as well as touring – both platforms Beyonce does not play around when it comes to. Joe Jackson reincarnated or not, ol’ Matty sure knows what he’s doing by having her name credited as a writer on almost every song she’s recorded as a solo artist and with Destiny’s Child.

That said, there are bound to be those giving Beyonce serious side-eye after reading Bangladesh’s comments. However, from my standpoint, she just about gets a pass for a two potent of reasons: a) there remains no concrete proof that she doesn’t write (it’s simply a known unknown) and b) she is undeniably one of biggest all-round talents to emerge in many years. Hence it almost doesn’t matter…or does it?

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