Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hit maker Rico Love took the time to discuss one of Chris Brown’s most overlooked talents: his songwriting skills. The ‘Commander’ writer spoke to Neon Limelight about Brown’s increasing passion for his craft and also revealed that the singer might be working on a new album. Peep what he had to say below:

“He’s one of the dopest singer/songwriters that I’ve [seen],” Love told in a phone interview yesterday (July 8). “He’s just realizing how dope his pen is. It’s amazing to me.”Love noted songwriting is a talent Brown has always wanted to showcase, but has only recently begun pushing it to the forefront as he’s developed.

“I remember on his first album when he was 15 years old he was writing, but he just kept on developing and becoming better and getting more innovative and coming up with bigger and better ideas. I’ve seen his progress and it’s amazing.”

Love, who co-wrote “Lucky Me” on Brown’s last album, Graffiti, says Breezy played some new songs he’s written for him when they were in a Los Angeles studio together yesterday morning. While he doesn’t know for sure if those songs were for a new album, Love thinks Brown should focus on “writing hit records” and pass on making any more apology songs — “Unless he wants to,” he said.

Many may have forgotten that Brown wrote his smash hit ‘Forever’ and even co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘Distrubia’. When it comes to his talent there is no denying that he is one of the most interesting acts to emerge on the music scene in quite some time. Furthermore, unlike Rihanna, who rarely attempts to write her own songs and currently has a camp of producers and writers working on new material for her to butcher for her new album, Brown can certainly handle creating an entire LP for himself in the near future. Good stuff.


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