Saturday, July 17, 2010

Local Detroit Rapper...Chill New Single

So Earlier this week I got a random ass twit by this dude by the name of Chill. He was asking me to listen to his single titled "Bengies". Now at fist I had to ask around about this guy because as everyone know if someone says your stuff is shitty i'll be kinda worried, but lucky I didn't here anything about this dude so HERE WE GO!!!!

The song has a real club vibe to. The beat is hot Only problem i have with the song is the fact that the beat is a little louder this vocals,but beside that pretty descent song. Content of the song is to me to over done "Bengies" other words money and bitches try to rap about something more realistic....but then again for all i know this dude could have money out the ass and have girls flying to him like shit on dodo..(yes i said it lol) But all around decent song Chill Has Major Potential!

He Is An Artist On Eyekhon...Good Look for Eyekhon


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