Saturday, July 17, 2010 Darryl Terrell

Can someone please tell me who this guy is?..
I'm mean everyone speaks about how beauty is his eye
Well I got a bone to pick with his shallow ass
Because if I'm UGLY then I guess he don't know what the fuck he talking about.
I mean UGLY is considered Beautiful to me
But to him it's not.
So my question!
What the fuck do he look like?
Quite frankly i think he UGLY for what he think Beauty is
To him Beauty is only how you look and not how you act
So that mean gone ahead fuck about ten people in the next 24 hours
Break a few hearts
Kill a baby and then slap your momma
And then start some Facebook drama...
Now lets be real that UGLY as hell
But you can still just about do It and when you wake up in the morning the only thing you will have to fall Back on is your looks but baby looks only last a little while.


You know what fuck this beholder guy
Because I know damn well I'm Beautiful
So what i wear glasses and i snort when i laugh
so what i'm i gut and a big ass but
i'm still beautiful
But guess what today I donated my time to help someone
I kissed A baby gave my momma a hug and told someone to keep there head up

But I'm UGLY?

Somebody need to talk to this beholder guy fire his ass or something
Because he don't know don't know the real meaning of beauty.

You know what I'm glad to be UGLY to him.


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